Prof. Dipl Designer Werner Granzeier
- University Wuppertal - Studium   Industrial    Design
- 1974 -1984 Industrial Designer MBB   Hamburg, VFW-FOKKER and Airbus Industrie. - Since 1984 consulting, IDS Jork -   Industrial Design Studio Jork
- Since 1998 iDS Hamburg - Industrial Design   Studio with Andreas Wietzke
- 1982-89 Teacher at University of Applied Sciences Kiel
- Since 1989 Professor at University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Dept. of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering
- Member – Expert in Transportation on ISCID   (International Concil of societies of  industrial   design)
- Member of DGLR, Council and expert group T2   and T4
- AIAA -American Institute of Aeronautic and   Astronautic (2005-2006 Chair of TSC Cabin   Systems at TC Product Support.)
- Member in FORUM e.V. of Parlamentary   Group for Aeroautical and Astronautical in   German Bundestag
IDS Jork